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Health and social care qualifications

The current qualifications are called RQF ( Regulated qualification framework ) and these are the replacement qualifications for what was known as NVQ or QCF previously 

Different Diploma  levels 2,3,4,5

These qualifications are vocational, so dependant on the job role you do. You do not need to work through from L2 upwards - although some might do, it is on the job you do when you enrol. 

L2 Diploma - 46 credits 

You will be someone who works with individuals on a daily basis - supporting them with what ever their identified needs are . You will normally have someone around supervising you on a day to day basis .

L3 Diploma  - 58 credits 
You maybe have a senior or supervisor role. Still working hands on with individuals, but with additional responsibilities . You may work alot on your own on a 1:1 in the community .

You may supervise others , be involved in updating support plans and risk assessments. 

L4 Diploma - 70 Credits

 You maybe acting as a deputy manager , with some supervisory role. You maybe a lone worker, again with additional responsibilities holding a case load . 

L5 Diploma - 90 credits 

You will be acting as a  team leader , supervising staff, liaising with other professionals and developing a good quality service for individuals. 

Whats the differnce ?
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